We produce oak and ash parquet. It is 22mm thick, with 10mm of usable layer. Thanks to its thickness it can be sanded several times. Tongues and grooves provide better fit to make the surface smooth.

Available dimensions can be found in our pricelist .

We offer five grades of oak parquet and four grades of ash parquet.

parkiet dębowy na podłodze - cegiełka

Oak parquet grading

Natur - Top quality parquet characterized with natural, uniform color of wood. No defects allowed
Gestreift - Original look thanks to characteristic white stripes.
Rustikal - Larger knots, rich wood grain.
Grade III - Low price due to bigger knots and discoloration.
Grade IV - Different wood defects allowed.

Oak parquet is divided into: Natur (considered first class), as well as Gestreift and Rustical (considered second-class).

Dividing first and second class into further subcategories is the result of adopting German quality norms (DIN-280) and terminology in parquet production.

Ash parquet grading

Natur - Varying colors, no defects, brighter shades.
Markant - Varying colors, no defects, darker shades.
Grade III - Unnatural discoloration, bigger knots available, and sapwood.
Grade IV - Different wood defects allowed.

Ash parquet grading does not contain Gestreift and Rustikal. Due to different wood characteristics Natur in oak parquet are not equal to Natur in ash parquet.