The time has come to return to natural materials, wooden floors, and solid furniture.

Our wooden floors: (traditional parquets and floor boards from oak and ash) fit into any interior, both traditional and modern, as well as the apartment in the style of soft loft or Scandinavian style.

Traditional parquet in recent years a bit forgotten and overlooked by architects, definitely returns to favor!

There is nothing more precious than the feeling that accompanies us when we tread on the wooden floor with our bare foot. It is not a board with a small amount of wood or panels, but a reliable, solid board made entirely of wood.

And although the process of building and arranging a home is extremely difficult for our portfolios, even with large loans, because the funds are coming to an end quickly, more and more people are choosing high quality wooden floors of Polish producers.

parkiet dębowy z Hajnówki

Parquet and floor board from Hajnówka are timeless, durable and solid products. You can change the color of the walls, curtains or furniture and the hard wooden solid floor will still suit them.

We place the oak and ash boards mostly in an irregular brick. But we can also choose one length, width and place herringbone in traditional or French or Hungarian style.

With oak parquet and ash parquet, we have many options - we can arrange parquet in: single, double, triple, or square or a ladle. However, with appropriate treatment in French or Hungarian fir. And after adding cubes or other elements of mahogany, walnut or black oak to the dance floor, we get carpet patterns somewhat forgotten in recent times.

Floor panels, gres or layer boards are a cheaper alternative to wooden flooring.

We have been producing our parquets in Hajnówka since 1967. We know almost everything about the production of parquet and plank floor. We are able to season materials to serve our clients for many years. We dry and do on reliable machines.

Our company is a family company that has been producing hardwood floor for generations. Who would have once thought that the floor of our small, family-owned company will be located in Warsaw or outside our country. And it happens, we have many clients from Germany, England or Denmark, and even from Qatar or Turkey.

Our parquets and wooden boards are appreciated by foreign customers.