We offer different patterns of parquet containing several wood species. It is possible for client to design his own pattern. Wood species available: oak, black oak, red oak, ash, white ash, mahogany, walnut.

Example patterns with prices:

Pattern I

Oak parquet combined with black oak cubes. The room is surrounded with a border (white ash + black oak).

Price:170 PLN/m2 (+ 23% VAT)

parkiet dywanowy - 1

Pattern II

Pattern size: 750x750mm thickness: 22mm Used materials: oak, ash (bright), mahogany

Price: 280 PLN/m2 (+ 23% VAT)

parkiety dywanowe -2

Pattern III

Pattern size: 750x750mm thickness: 22mm Used materials: ash, walnut

Price: 370 PLN/m2 (+ 23% VAT)

parkiet ozdobny -3

Pattern IV

Oak squares (22x240x240mm) surrounded with white ash parquet (22x60x300mm). Squares are separated with oak plank floor  (22x100x820mm).

Used materials: oak, ash

Price: 170 PLN/m2 (+ 23% VAT)

parkiet wzory

Pattern V

Oak plank floor (22x100x600mm) combined with oak squares (200x200mm).

Used materials: oak

Price: 200 PLN/m2 (+ 23% VAT)


Pattern VI

Oak parquet (22x70x500mm) cut at 45 degrees as square frames with smaller (22x70x350mm) parquet inside.

Used materials: oak

Price: 220 PLN/m2 (+ 23% VAT)

Pattern VII

Oak parquet (22x70x350mm) in squares separated with plank floor (22x100x800mm).

Used materials: oak

Price: 160 PLN/m2 (+ 23% VAT)

mix of parquet and planks